Rewards Guidelines

Gift Redemption Process

Read Terms & Conditions and fill up redemption form
Panelists: Put in redemption request via panelhome App/Website
2 weeks
Kantar: Compile/process redemption request
(16th and 1st of every month)
Supplier: process/deliver gift
4-6 weeks
Panelist didn’t receive gift
Panelist received gift
Contact Kantar Gift Redemption Team
  • Contact Ereen (019-2696367)
  • Feedback to panelist on course of action within 1 week after complaint
Panelist inspects items upon received.
↙     ↘
If it is OK, send acknowledgement form to Kantar Worldpanel & post warranty card (electrical items) to manufacturer’s address.
If damage/faulty, feedback to supplier within 2 days upon received.
  • Supplier log complaint and feedback to Kantar