Baby Panel

Baby Panel

Baby Panel (BBP) is a specialized panel for Mothers with baby aged between 0-36 months. Our 1,200 sample represents the individual 0-36 months baby population of Peninsular Malaysia and help shape products, prices and promotions of baby products by reporting what they purchase every week. Product manufacturers and retailers study these purchase behaviors and develop plans to satisfy the needs of the consumers. Our panelist is also well rewarded with a point redemption system packed with attractive merchandises and vouchers.

The steps are as simple as shop, record and redeem; if you are a Malaysian mother of a baby aged between 0-36 months, we want to hear from you!

Who is eligible to participate?

Pregnant 7 months and above OR

Mother with 0-6 months baby is qualified to join us.

How long does it take?

Each purchase recording will only take average of 1 min to complete. Average 0.5 hour your monthly time investment.

Only need to record the purchase for youngest baby in your family who are within 0-36 months.

What do we offer in return?
  • Earn weekly 100 points.
  • Entry into our yearly prize draw to take away iPad, iPhone, Smart phone etc
  • Participate in our various activities to earn more rewards (i.e. quiz, contest and mini survey).
  • Refer others and earn more rewards.
  • Membership is life free.


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