Information: Quarter 1 2018

New gift catalogue 2018
In our forthcoming 2018 gift catalogue, there are more than 100 items for you to choose for.

Recommendation family with only age 20 – 44 years old
In relates to our positive projected business research based in 2018,we welcome introduction from panelist of family members ages only between 20-44 to participate in our panel programme.

PDPA letter
We would encourage panelist to endorse the PDPA(Personal Data Protection Act) form and return it together with the weekly diaries as an agreement and consent on storage and usage of personal data for commercial research purposes.

Family Form Update
To assist us on household updates/coordinate processing that is on-going on our side here, we wish to inform you to update & return the Family Form together with the weekly diaries.

Out Of Home Panel
This is large-scale investment project relates to consumption of food & drinks only out side home, to record purchases via smartphone. If your friend or relatives are age from 15-49 years. We encourage them participation & we will share with them the benefit from this new panel.

SMS from KWP
It’s quite frequent we send SMS to panelists to inform about new survey, sending diary reminder etc. We appreciate your alertness on our SMS.

KWP email address & website
you can send us email at and visit us at our website

NOW! You are able to contact us via WhatsApp: